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Secondary Sports Hall Athletics (03.03.2011)

Local Primary Pupils enjoy Sports Hall Athletics at the Meridian Leisure Centre, Louth.

Children from Year 7 from Monks Dyke, Caistor Yarborough, Skeggness Academy, Skeggness Grammar and Queen Elizabeth Grammar, Alford schools took part in a Sports Hall Athletics Competition at The Meridian Leisure Centre, Louth on Thursday 3rd March.  Organised by the Wolds Sports Partnership team and led by Paula Hill (Competitions Manager) the children took part in a number of events such as Sprint relay races, triple jump, standing long jump, standing high jump and speed bouncing. Young Sports Leaders from Monks Dyke and De Aston Schools were on hand to help score, demonstrate, encourage and pass on advice to ensure that everyone was as involved as possible. All the children who completed and supported supplied lots of enthusiasm throughout the whole afternoon by taking part in an event or offering encouragement from the sidelines.